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#AIBootcamp2023 Cohort Showcase @AWS

13 AI-led startups from across Europe and Israel joined us in London, 20-22 November, for the Global Tech Connect UK #AIBootcamp2023 roadshow.

Featuring visits to Level 39, Lloyd's Lab, CMS, Intel Ignite, Citi and Stripe, the programme ended with the Cohort taking the stage for an investor showcase event generously hosted by AWS. Our thanks to Tobias Halloran (AWS), Lyuba Guk (Blue Lake VC), Kevin Crain (Intel Ignite) and Audrey Handem (Speedinvest) for their expert scrutiny of the startups.

Sherry Fei Ju (Artificient Mobility Intelligence); Dan Marc (Footprints AI); Przemyslaw Kaminski (Self Learning Solutions); Adrian Keindl (Revlum); Mattia Nanetti (Wenda); Nikola Lazarov and Petar Petrov (Eilla).

Ruxandra Cord (; Georgi Georgiev (Releva); Bar Tsoury (AmplifAIr); Filip Stanev (Saga); Markus Hääl (Flowbase).

We'll be back in 2024 with something new...


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